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  • 姓名:Ashanti
  • 性別: 女
  • 別名: Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas;Shany Bonnie
  • 國籍: 美國
  • 語言: 英語
  • 出生地: 美國紐約
  • 生日: 1980-10-13
  • 星座: 天秤座
  • 身高: 暫無
  • 體重: 暫無
  • 人氣:
  • 更新時間:2016-01-09




阿莎提來自紐約,小時候在教堂唱詩班練習合唱,然后學習舞蹈。后來她被Murder Inc.唱片公司的總裁艾夫戈蒂發現。戈蒂是一位資深的音樂制作人,曾一手推出了如今炙手可熱的說唱樂才子賈魯爾,他為愛徒阿莎提的音樂事業制定了周密的計劃。
作為Murder Inc公司推出的第一位非說唱歌手,阿莎提一出道就受到了眾位師傅師兄級人物的大力提攜,很快戴上了“R&B/Hip-Hop新公主”的耀眼光環。艾夫戈蒂和賈魯爾為她的音樂注入了一些經過軟化了的街頭音樂元素,使她擁有了更廣泛的年青聽眾。

With hitmaker Irv Gotti at the helm, Ashanti blasted into the urban music scene in 2002, topping the charts with multiple singles at once. She quickly became a sensation, gracing the covers of magazines and dominating urban radio. Ashanti built her reputation with duets, where she would complement an already popular rapper Ja Rule ("Always on Time"), Fat Joe ("Whats Luv?"), the Notorious B.I.G. ("Unfoolish") contrasting the tough-guy male perspective with her own. It didnt take the young vocalist long to make a name for herself though: her debut album topped the Billboard album chart just as her debut solo single, "Foolish," was topping the Hot 100 chart. Her presence was inescapable.

Ashantis overnight jump to superstardom followed that of Ja Rule, a similar urban music sensation helmed by Gotti. The New York producer took notice of Ashanti initially because of her beauty, dancing, and acting. She trained as a dancer at the Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center, learning a number of dance styles. She danced most notably in Disneys Polly, which starred Phylicia Rashad, and also appeared in a number of big-name music videos, in addition to other dance work. As an actress, she made a name for herself with roles in Spike Lees Malcolm X and Whos da Man before that. The multi-talented vocalist was causing quite a stir, and Gotti did what he could to bring her into his Murder Inc. fold. After showcasing her swooning voice on Big Puns "How We Roll" and the Fast and Furious soundtrack both in 2001 Gotti put Ashanti to work on her debut album, which he produced.

Success came quickly. A duet with Ja Rule, "Always on Time," hit number one on Billboards Hot 100 chart in early 2002 just as a duet with Fat Joe, "Whats Luv?," was creeping toward the same number one position. These two airplay-heavy singles set the stage perfectly for Ashantis self-titled debut release. The albums lead single, "Foolish," raced up the Hot 100 chart, entering the Top Ten in March alongside "Always on Time" and "Whats Luv?," giving her three Top Ten songs in the same week, including the number one and two positions a quite spectacular feat. And then Ashantis album debuted at number one on the album chart, selling an astounding 500,000-plus copies in its first week. With all this chart-topping, Ashanti set some sales records and her success continued. Gotti readied a remix of "Foolish," titled "Unfoolish," that featured the Notorious B.I.G. and again overtook urban radio, where no artist was more omnipresent throughout 2002 than Ashanti.

She returned the following year with Chapter II, which likewise topped the Billboard album chart on the heels of its hot lead single, "Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)." The albums success was somewhat eclipsed, however, by all the negative drama surrounding the Murder Inc. camp at the time (i.e., the FBI investigation and the G-Unit feuding). A Christmas album followed late that year, and Concrete Rose appeared in December 2004. Though she remained with The Inc. for 2008s The Declaration, she sought out a number of producers outside the labels in-house team.








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